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Washing Machine

Extend the life of your washing machine with our professional and timely repair service in London

Did you know that it is essential to clean a washing machine once a month? Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of an appliance. If your washing machine has stopped working all of a sudden and you need professional repair service, you need JT Service.

Are you facing troubleshooting issues with your washing machine? JT Service has the most efficient repair services for you

In case of a defect or a sudden breakdown of a washing machine, it is substantial to get it checked. We help in fixing your washing machine, in any of the following cases:

  • Noise and instability
  • Irregular breakdowns during cycle
  • Unable to load water/detergent/ fabric softener
  • Strange odour from machine
  • Poor wash results
  • Slow spinning
  • Drainage clogs
  • Electricity supply issue
  • Jammed door

JT Service has a proven track record for its exceptional services in London

For over a decade, we emphasize on achieving customer satisfaction. This approach has made us one of the top-notch washing machine repairs in London. From top-loading to front-loading washing machine, we have exceptional services for any type.

We are your local appliance repair company. We know what inconvenience can be caused to a breakdown in your washing machine. We offer fast and reliable repair service. Our engineers and technicians are trained and experienced professionals that can take up on any job. There are no hidden charges. And we provide guarantee for all our repairs for 6 months.

One Stop Solution to cater all repairs needs

JT Service carries all types of spare parts that can be required for replacement. From carbon brush to a paddle drum, you name a part and we have it. All parts are genuine. In case, a part is not available, and we need to come back later, the next visit will not be charged. We do not surprise you with any kind of hidden charges. All prices are mentioned on your page.

Let JT Service take the hassle of fixing your appliance! Instead of buying a new appliance, it is always recommended to check for the faults.

Quality and Time Saving service

Our technicians observe punctuality and reach timely for the convenience of their customers. No delays or excuses- We take repair services seriously. We assure you delivering quality repair services with 6 months guarantee for each repair. Well-equipped vans are ready to serve any repair at your doorstep.

Why Choose JT Service for repair?

We have fully qualified, certified and trained technicians and engineers, who are available when you need a washing machine repair service.

You don’t need to discard or replace an appliance, in case of a fault, get it checked by our professionals.

For the most reliable, professional and emergency repair services, call us at

Landline: 0208 351 6337

Mobile: 0784 613 4711.

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